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Dairy Flush System Manufacturer

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Flush Tanks

Up to 30,000 Gallon Capacity

We have over 12 years of experience
in the dairy building industry.

Ohio dairy flush systems
“Your source for premium quality flush tanks.”
Taking what we have learned in our experience building dairy barns we are able to build Flush Tanks to serve your needs as a dairy farmer.

We customize our flush tanks to fit your needs. Our bolt up application, means there is no on site welding.

We can also help with “tank replacements”.

The Double H Advantage

We customize your Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel flush tank to suit your needs using a bolt-to design to eliminate on-site welding and fabrication costs flush tanks customized to fit your needs. We can personally deliver your flush tank with our “SELF UNLOADING” trailer. Making it an economical, convenient delivery option.

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